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It is a fixed tenured instrument usually for a period between 30-90 days of investment circle. The investment is structured in such a way that it is backed up with a duly executed Promissory Note which makes the investment highly secured. The returns on this investment unlike other treasury products are typically competitive with high yield.

OUR TARGET MARKET:  Individuals and SME’s which includes;

  • High networth Individuals
  • Insurance company’s
  • Schools
  • Hospital
  • Events managers


  • Prompt payment of interest
  • It can be used as a collateral for loans and leases applications


  • Highly Competitive Interest Rate
  • Payment of Interest Upfront
  • Cash Flow Management
  • The terms are Flexible
  • Access to Loans
  • Access to Advisory Services
  • Confidentiality of Investment


  • Allows minimum initial deposit N100,000
  • Duly filled and signed KYC Forms
  • Company registration Documents (Corporate entity)
  • One passport photograph
  • Copy of Valid ID
  • Copy of Valid ID for all signatories (Corporate entity)

Documentations: Upon acceptance, the following documents are issued to the customer

  • Letter of Investment
  • Promissory certificate
  • Receipt
  • Copy of schedule of investment – This shows the total interest accrued to the customer at the end of the period specified.