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Lease with Ease….

It is a credit cum treasury product. It guarantees higher returns to the Investors in terms of yield than what is readily obtainable on investment in the Money Market. This product allows the investor to partake in the finance of a lease transaction with the view to enjoy the high yield associated with the transaction. This product is typically characterized with longer tenor usually 12 months or more.

The returns on this investment is computed on a reducing balance basis and this implies that the investor starts to get his investment repayments as well as his interest from the end of the first month of his investment and this continues to the end of the investor’s funds and helps to improve the investor’s cash flow.

This investment option is also a better-secured option as the investor has the liberty to choose the particular asset in which he desires to invest thus having his investment linked to the particular asset. The investor also enjoys additional security, as the asset in question is comprehensively insured. The repayment to the investor comes from the lease rental income on the lease transaction and this is with or without recourse to us. We will therefore guarantee the payment of these lease rentals even in the case of a default by the lessee.

Investor can utilize the monthly repayments or reinvest it to further raise their yield.

We have a graphical sheet representation of this in scenario analysis of 2-4.

It can be quarterly, Bi-annually or annually depending on the choice of the investor.


  • Allows minimum investment from N5,000,000.00
  • Higher interest rate than that of the CIN
  • Option of monthly repayments or reinvestment to further raise the yield.


  • Enables the investor to plan his cashflow.
  • Increases his Networth portfolio
  • Postdated cheques based on the option chosen by the investor
  • The transaction is insured, this takes the burden off the investor whether the lease transaction is failing or not.
  • Access to advisory services
  • Confidentiality of investment
  • Access to loans


  • High networth Individuals
  • Corporate bodies

Documentations: Upon acceptance, the following documents are issued to the customer.

  • Letter of Proposal
  • Schedule of investment options – This showing the investment repayment and investment income.

Investment Agreement – It is an offer or an agreement between the broker / financier and the investor/ part financier.